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About Us

XO SPIRITUS AGENCY INC is a full-service brand marketing & representation agency exclusively dedicated to the beverage industry.

Our driving conviction is the underlying belief that some of the world’s most exciting spirits, wines and beers have yet to be discovered by enthusiasts and consumers at large.

XO Spiritus was thus founded with the mission of building a loyal consumer base for our selection of premium ‘craft’ beverages; by introducing, managing and promoting these brands across markets and to the right consumer segments.

Our selective boutique approach offers a one-stop catered service to independent mid-sized beverage companies seeking to develop their brands and grow their sales within the Canadian retail space.

XO Spiritus

Our Promise

“Vision without passion is only a dream & passion without vision is no more than a hobby!”

XO Spiritus is a visionary, passionate and ambitious young company. We know great results stem from robust planning and detailed execution with a dose of a spirited ‘X factor’ that can make all the difference!

We are proven marketing and sales experts with over 30 years combined experience. This not only gives XO Spiritus the insight and ability to lead our clients through an ever more competitive market space but also awards us a unique point of differentiation vs. the large majority of single-focused commercial minded agencies.

Building brands, recognition and sales is our business. We aim to assist independent distillers of all sizes wishing to break into markets we evolve in whether through various services such as pre-launch consulting, brand management, brokerage, liquor board negotiations, commercial representation or a combination of any and all.

XO Spiritus also manages a portfolio of its own brands & product innovations sold in the US and Canadian markets.

Our business philosophy drives us to operate with energy and integrity, while respecting a commitment to promoting responsible fine beverage consumption.

XO Spiritus

Our brands

Our name stands for our commitment to excellence, uniqueness and pleasure derived from the products and services we offer.

“XO” (Extra Old) is a designation of the finest aged spirits available. “Spiritus” is latin for ‘spirit’ in the enlightened sense.

XO Spiritus simply highlights our appreciation of fine distilled spirits and other first-rate alcoholic beverages.

Our brand, our producer partners and their products reflect our commitment to premium quality, distinction and fair pricing.

For our full product portfolio, retail availability or direct orders, please contact us. 

XO Spiritus

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